The Challenge

A few weeks ago, I fell in love with a set of reimagined mid-century night tables. Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic but it was definitely like at first sight. I loved them and I was tired of not having drawers to help contain the mess of kleenex, creams, hair elastics and other important junk that is inevitable when you have kids. On the other hand, they were not something we had budgeted for or needed and we already had adequate night tables. They were lovely but frivolous.

The Challenge: Corey agreed that I could get them if I could sell enough things we weren't using to offset the price. I had 24 hours... not for any real reason but because I like a challenge.

We had so many staging items that were no longer getting use so we started there. I was just short of my 24 hour deadline but by the end of the week, we had sold enough things between Facebook Marketplace and my alternate Instagram Account (dedicated to my love of good vintage finds) to buy the night tables... three times. We had also freed up some prime real estate in our staging warehouse and our house was slightly less cluttered. Yay!

And we are LOVING our new night tables by Jenn Cann Designs. They're actually vintage but they're new to us and Jenn detailed them beautifully with new hardware and cute fabric lining the drawers.

Serious furniture crush, right? Me too!

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