Switching Our Switches

You know how some women get crazy over shoes?  Well, in our house, it's cool home innovations that get us super excited.  And what could a Real Estate Broker and an Electrician like more than beautiful high-tech light switches and outlets?

Corey is ready to start covering outlets (he added so many for all our small appliances) in the kitchen and he asked me if I would prefer plain or "fancy".  I had no idea what a "fancy" outlet might look like so he showed me the Adorne collection by Legrand.

I sort of fell in love and now we're slowly replacing all the switches and receptacles in the house with the "soft tap" switches and modern receptacles.  They had a "touch only" option but I like a tap or a click to tell me that I've actually turned on a light.  Corey makes fun of me because apparently the actual light turning on or off isn't enough for me.  I need that click!

There's also an option to add a little light beneath your switches like a night light.  Here's one in Rudy's room:

The switch plates come in an array of finishes but some are a little too crazy expensive for my beer budget.  Still, we decided to use a fun dark blue switch plate in the bathroom for the outlet beside the thermostat that controls our heated floors.

Now, if only we could get to finishing and painting those walls...

But this is a perfect example of a tiny update making a huge difference.  These upgraded switches already make our home feel more modern and high-tech.  As if we should expect to press one and be greeted by a robot butler.  Damn, I want a robot butler.

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