Nightmare on Elm Street... Just Kidding! This is Another Bathroom Post

Aaarrrgh!  It's not moving fast enough and I'm getting so cranky!  I feel like I'm living in some creepy episode of the Twilight Zone where Corey works non-stop on our bathroom and yet no progress is being made!  This is like my own personal horror movie, only instead of running from a serial killer, I'm running to the basement so I don't pee my pants.

Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little...  But we consider ourselves to be pretty seasoned renovators after all the work we had done in the condo and still we have never tackled a project as annoyingly complex as this bathroom.  I feel like every time we turn around there's another obstacle... The most recent being the need to add the platform for extra floor strength.

Don't be fooled by the toilet and tub in the picture folks, they're not actually hooked up and are just there to tease me so that Corey can measure for the plumbing.  Just look at them taunting me while I'm still showering in the family room and peeing in the basement.

Then one night, while having dinner with some friends, I noticed something I loved about their bathroom.  The area behind the door is recessed to provide room to hang towels without interfering with their ability to open the door fully.  Brilliant!  Darn!

It's a gift and a curse to live with Corey because on one hand, I can point to things and say, "I want you to do that!" but on the other hand, sometimes we underestimate how much time these little details take.

But then one day, Corey began putting up the drywall and our progress seemed to move a little faster...

Here are the recessed towel hanging nooks behind the door:

We also bought pre-fabricated shelves for the tub area.  They're already waterproofed and we can add tile to them directly.  Of course, nothing is as easy as we hope and our walls weren't deep enough to accomadate them so Corey had to add some depth first.

While that toilet is still a tease, it was a pleasure walking into my bathroom one day and seeing this.
We are finally ready to tile!  Yippee!

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